Phalaenopsis Orchid
Orchid Plant
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White Butterfly Phalaenopsis Orchid Artificial Plant

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We all love Orchids!  There is a reason why they are used in spas and salons everywhere around the world, they evoke a calming and natural feeling in the space.  But they've got one big downside, they only bloom for a short time and then you’re left with nothing but a stick in the ground....  With our remarkable butterfly Orchid, you'll get all the upside of owning an Orchid with zero downside, just a beautiful fully blossomed Orchid in all its glory!

Each stem arrays 5 butterfly orchid flower heads, 3 unopened buds, and 5 leaves with total height 50 cm.

Material - Polyurethane

Length - 50 cm

Weight – 65 g

Package – 1 piece